How to Get an Amazon Internship

Best Tops How to Get an Amazon Internship in 2023 Guide

How to Get an Amazon Internship in 2023: Unlocking the Path to Amazon’s Internship Opportunities

Amazon, currently standing as one of the globe’s colossal corporations, has traveled a remarkable journey from its humble origins. Born in a garage in 1994, this tech behemoth started its online presence as Cadabra before transforming into Amazon, a name with a decidedly more vibrant ring. How to Get an Amazon Internship

How to Get an Amazon Internship in 2023

Fast forward not even three decades, to 2022, and Amazon welcomed over 15,000 students from more than 40 countries into its internship ranks. The U.S. alone saw a diverse intern class hailing from 400 universities, including those serving historically Black and Hispanic communities. In this same year, Amazon proudly claimed the 5th spot on Glassdoor’s list of highest-paid internships, offering its interns a median monthly salary of $8,000.

If you’re on a quest for a high-paying internship that promises substantial learning opportunities within a diverse ecosystem, Amazon undoubtedly deserves your attention. By the end of this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well-prepared to commence the application process with unwavering confidence! How to Get an Amazon Internship

Step 1: Charting Your Course

Your journey towards gaining experience at Amazon kicks off with a thorough exploration of the company’s internship offerings. These opportunities can be broadly categorized into two main types: business internships, and technical, engineering, and research internships.

Assurance – Risk Assurance – Internal Audit – Senior Associate Qatar
Consulting – Government – Director Qatar
Consulting – Government – Public Safety and Justice – Director – Doha Qatar
Consulting – Government – S&T – Manager/Senior Manager Qatar

To delve into the specifics, visit the Amazon Jobs portal and meticulously filter the plethora of internship projects based on your area of interest. Some of the available categories encompass:

  • Machine learning science
  • Software development
  • Sales, advertising, and account management
  • Business intelligence
  • Hardware development
  • Human resources

You can further narrow down your search by region. Beyond the U.S. and Canada, Amazon extends internship projects to numerous countries worldwide, including France, Spain, Germany, China, South Korea, and Australia, among others. Notably, the Amazon Seattle HQ traditionally offers the most internship positions. How to Get an Amazon Internship

Customer Service Associate: $15-$17 per hour Worldwide Hybrid, Remote
Virtual Technical Support Associate: $18-$25 per hour Worldwide Hybrid, Remote
Sales Representative: $40,000-$70,000 per year Worldwide Hybrid, Remote
Virtual Data Entry Associate: $15-$20 per hour Worldwide Hybrid, Remote

To enhance your prospects of securing an internship at Amazon, select a job category that harmonizes with your educational background and personal passions, and submit your application early. Demonstrating genuine enthusiasm for your chosen field can significantly bolster your candidacy. How to Get an Amazon Internship

Step 2: Crafting Your Résumé

The second stride toward clinching an Amazon internship involves tailoring your résumé to suit the specific position you’re eyeing. This practice holds true for any role you might pursue.

If you’re relatively new to the job hunt, you might not be familiar with the term “applicant tracking systems” (ATS). ATS software efficiently sifts through the deluge of applications received by large corporations to identify the most pertinent ones. How does it perform this feat? By homing in on specific keywords. How to Get an Amazon Internship

To navigate past the ATS and ensure your application garners human attention, scrutinize the job description diligently and adopt its language. For instance, if you’re targeting a summer internship in digital marketing and the job posting emphasizes skills like “excellent communication” and “analytic tool proficiency,” integrate these terms into your internship résumé organically. Overloading your résumé with keywords risks diluting its quality.

Step 3: Initiate Your Application

With your résumé finely tuned, return to the Amazon Jobs website to commence your internship applications. Identify the internship that aligns with your aspirations and click the “Apply now” button. This action prompts you to create an Amazon Jobs account. How to Get an Amazon Internship

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be equipped to submit your résumé (either as a digital file or a link to your LinkedIn profile), provide contact details, and furnish additional information regarding your educational background and work eligibility. How to Get an Amazon Internship

Actuarial, Property and Casualty, Associate Canada
Administrative Services, Administrative Assistant Canada
Advisory, Acceleration Centre, Cyber Security Analyst (Remote) Canada
AML Programme Compliance, Senior Manager Canada

You might wonder why we haven’t mentioned cover letters. Here’s the scoop: Amazon seems to have no appetite for them. As their website boldly declares, “Being a peculiar company, we don’t accept cover letters.” Your best bet is to ensure your résumé shines brightly and is meticulously up to date. How to Get an Amazon Internship

Step 4: Conquer the Assessments

Should your application successfully clear the initial screening, you’ll find yourself poised just before the interview stage. At this juncture, you’ll be tasked with completing the “work style assessment” and the “work sample simulation.” To prepare for the initial assessment, consult the Amazon interview guide and acquaint yourself with Amazon’s core leadership principles. This step provides valuable insights into the qualities Amazon seeks in potential hires.

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During the work sample simulation, you’ll be required to demonstrate skills relevant to the internship role you’ve pursued. Unless you’re eyeing a software development engineer internship, specific preparation isn’t necessary. However, if your interest lies in software development, delve into technical topics like data structures and algorithms, discerning their relevance to Amazon and its product landscape. How to Get an Amazon Internship

Step 5: Ready Yourself for Interviews (Potentially Multiple)

If you successfully navigate the assessments and secure an interview invitation, expect to grapple with a mixture of nervous anticipation and excitement. Fortunately, much like the assessments, the Amazon interview guide stands ready to assist your preparation. How to Get an Amazon Internship

(Expression of Interest) Senior Manager – Strategy& Malaysia
Administrator – Global Mobility Services Malaysia
Associate – Deals Strategy Malaysia
Associate – Finance Malaysia

When perusing the guide, allocate substantial focus to Amazon’s foundational leadership principles. During interviews, Amazon anticipates candidates, both employees and interns, to illustrate these principles through real-life examples. Additionally, Amazon recommends employing the STAR format when responding to behavioral interview queries. This method unfolds as follows:

  • Situation: Describe the context and intricacies of the situation.
  • Task: Clarify your objectives.
  • Action: Outline the steps you took to address the situation, maintaining a results-oriented narrative.
  • Result: Communicate your achievements to the interviewer, including metrics or data when pertinent.

It’s worth noting that initial interviews often occur via phone, followed by virtual or in-person interviews. Amazon supplements the interview process with the involvement of “bar raisers,” interview specialists enlisted to contribute to hiring decisions. While you won’t identify the “bar raiser” among your interviewers, they typically feature in later stages of the process. Leaving a favorable impression on them can be pivotal. How to Get an Amazon Internship

To recap Amazon’s internship recruitment process:

Amazon Intern Application Process: Key Insights

When it comes to intern selection, Amazon places a premium on students’ character, cognitive approach, and thinking style, prioritizing these attributes over GPAs or university pedigrees. Consequently, authenticity and personal qualities play a pivotal role during interviews.

Actuarial Services – Operations Manager Singapore
Actuarial Services, Life Insurance – Experienced Associate Singapore
Administrative Senior Consultant (Events & Travel Management) Singapore
Administrator – Assurance Risk & Quality (Quality Assurance) Singapore

Eager to initiate your Amazon internship application? Let’s summarize the main points from this article one last time:

  • In lieu of cover letters, ensure your résumé is meticulously tailored to the job listing.
  • Delve into the wealth of resources on the Amazon Jobs website to effectively prepare for interviews and assessments.
  • Demonstrate drive, passion, innovative thinking, and a growth mindset during the interview process—qualities highly valued by your potential hiring manager.
  • While there’s no official application deadline, Amazon encourages students to apply in late summer or early autumn.

Whether you’re pursuing an undergraduate, master’s, or PhD degree, an Amazon internship promises to be a transformative, once-in-a-lifetime encounter. Unless, of course, you receive an offer for a full-time position along the way. How to Get an Amazon Internship

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