NOMAC Jobs: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman

NOMAC Jobs. The First National Operation and Maintenance Company “NOMAC” is an ACWA Power subsidiary founded in 2005 and firmly established in the GCC, North Africa and South, Middle Europe and East Europe regions, providing high quality O&M (Operation & Maintenance) services for power production and water desalination projects, regionally and worldwide. NOMAC Jobs

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NOMAC Jobs. Supported by accelerated global expansion, NOMAC is enabled to draw near to realize its vision of being a leading global O&M service provider in the power production and water desalination sectors.
mortal Capital Development NOMAC places a significant emphasis on developing the chops and moxie of its pool. This includes ongoing training programs, professional development openings, and knowledge- participating enterprise, all of which contribute to maintaining a largely professed and able pool.


  • Company Name: NOMAC | First National Operation and Maintenance Company
  • Job Location: U.A.E &  Saudi Arabia
  • Nationality: All Nationalities can Apply
  • Education: Diploma/Degree
  • Experience: Experienced are preferred
  • Salary Range:  To be discussed

First National Operation and Maintenance Company Jobs UAE & KSA

NOMAC Jobs. Supported by accelerated global expansion, NOMAC is enabled to draw near to realize its vision of being a leading global O&M service provider in the power production and water desalination sectors. We are privileged to be responsible for the O&M of some of the largest plants ever built in the world, including the largest MSF plant, the largest Combined Cycle and Concentrated Solar Power project.  NOMAC Jobs

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Currently the company has full operational responsibility major projects, regionally and worldwide; operating successful ongoing projects in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Morocco, South Africa, Egypt and others in Turkey, Bulgaria, and Vietnam. Our broad range of services includes, but is not limited to long term O&M, major overhaul of high-tech plant equipment, and development of plant-specific Standard O&M procedures. NOMAC Jobs

Mechanical Supervisor – Hassyan Power Plant, Dubai, UAE UAE
Mechanical Engineer – Hassyan, Dubai, UAE UAE
RO Shift Engineer – UAQ RO Plant, UAE UAE
Planning Engineer UAE

NOMAC Jobs. NOMAC is highly capable of providing safe and reliable execution of all aspects of the operation and maintenance of large scale power generation and water desalinization facilities. As a world-class Operations and Maintenance service provider, NOMAC employees demonstrate a commitment in terms of safety and quality by operating all plants in accordance with their design and to the highest standards and the latest operating practices. NOMAC Jobs

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In total, NOMAC is responsible for the operation of a portfolio of 20,300 MW of power generation and 3.6 million cubic meters per day of desalinated water production. NOMAC is the largest private sector potable water producer using desalination process in the world. NOMAC Jobs

Senior Engineer, Performance – Dubai UAE
Electrical Engineer UAE
Senior Manager, Business Development (Renewable Assets) – Dubai Office UAE
Manager Resourcing-Asia UAE

The First National Operation and Maintenance Company “NOMAC” is an ACWA Power subsidiary founded in 2005 and firmly established in the GCC, North Africa and South, Middle Europe and East Europe regions, providing high quality O&M (Operation & Maintenance) services for power production and water desalination projects, regionally and worldwide. NOMAC Jobs

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As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the” First National Operation and conservation Company”( NOMAC) is a well- known transnational company specializing in the operation and conservation of power generation and desalination shops. NOMAC is a attachment of ACWA Power, a prominent inventor and driver of power generation and water desalination systems worldwide. NOMAC Jobs

Instrumentation & Control (I&C) Technician – RPC (Rabigh) Saudi Arabia
Senior Planning Engineer – Rabigh Saudi Arabia
Chemist – Rabigh (On site) Saudi Arabia
Power Engineer Saudi Arabia

NOMAC’s primary focus lies in icing the smooth, effective, and dependable operation of power shops, including those grounded on colorful technologies similar as thermal, solar, and wind power. also, the company is involved in the operation of desalination shops, which are pivotal for furnishing fresh water in regions facing water failure.

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Then are some crucial points about NOMAC moxie in Energy and Water Operations NOMAC’s core faculty lies in the field of energy and water operations. They manage a different portfolio of power generation means, including conventional thermal shops, renewable energy installations, and cold-blooded systems. likewise, the company is complete at overseeing desalination shops, a critical element in regions where fresh water coffers are limited. NOMAC Jobs

Electrical Engineer – Rabigh Saudi Arabia
Logistics Supervisor Saudi Arabia
Digital Adoption & Support Supervisor, Umluj Saudi Arabia
Mechanical Technician – Rabigh RPC Saudi Arabia

Global Presence NOMAC operates on an transnational scale, with a presence in multitudinous countries across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and beyond. This global reach positions them as a significant player in the energy and water diligence on a global scale. NOMAC Jobs

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Cutting- Edge Technologies The company is known for its relinquishment of slice- edge technologies in the field of power generation and desalination. This includes advanced control systems, robotization, and prophetic conservation ways, all of which contribute to optimizing factory performance and effectiveness. NOMAC Jobs

Shift Foreman – Rabigh RPC Plant Saudi Arabia
Fire fighter – QIPP Saudi Arabia
Section Head Chemist – QIPP Saudi Arabia
Head of Strategic & Critical, Central and Eastern Area Saudi Arabia

Commitment to Sustainability Given the adding emphasis on sustainable energy results, NOMAC places a strong emphasis on environmentally-friendly practices. This includes a growing involvement in renewable energy systems, including solar and wind granges, as well as the perpetration ofeco-friendly technologies and practices in their operations. NOMAC Jobs

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Safety and Compliance NOMAC places a high precedence on safety norms and nonsupervisory compliance. They apply rigorous safety protocols to insure the well- being of their workers and the integrity of their operations. also, the company adheres to assiduity-specific regulations and guidelines to maintain the loftiest functional norms. NOMAC Jobs

I&C Technician – Sohar, Oman Oman
Electrical Technician – Sohar, Oman Oman
PV Electrical Engineer – Ibri 2, Oman Oman
SCADA Operator – Benban PV Plant, Egypt Egypt
Electrical Technician – Benban PV Plant, Egypt Egypt

hookups and Collaborations NOMAC frequently collaborates with colorful stakeholders, including governments, public serviceability, and other private sector realities. These hookups are pivotal for the successful operation of power generation and desalination systems, as they frequently involve complex contractual agreements and participated liabilities. NOMAC Jobs

Here are some potential benefits that employees of NOMAC may enjoy:

  1. Competitive Compensation: NOMAC typically offers competitive salaries and benefits packages to attract and retain top talent in the industry.

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  1. Healthcare and Insurance: Employees may have access to comprehensive health insurance plans, including coverage for medical, dental, and vision expenses. This helps provide financial security and peace of mind for employees and their families. NOMAC Jobs
  2. Retirement Plans: NOMAC may offer retirement savings plans, such as a 401(k) or a similar program, which allows employees to save for their future and potentially receive employer contributions.
  3. Paid Time Off: This can include vacation days, holidays, and personal leave, providing employees with the opportunity to rest, recharge, and attend to personal matters.
  4. Training and Development Opportunities: NOMAC may invest in its employees’ professional growth by offering training programs, workshops, and opportunities for skill development. This can enhance career prospects and job satisfaction.
  5. Career Advancement: Employees may have opportunities for career growth within the company, which could include promotions, lateral moves, or taking on new responsibilities.
  6. Work-Life Balance Initiatives: NOMAC may implement policies and programs that promote a healthy work-life balance, such as flexible work arrangements, telecommuting options, or family-friendly policies.

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  1. Performance Recognition and Rewards: The company may have systems in place to recognize and reward outstanding performance, which can include bonuses, incentives, or other recognition programs.
  2. Employee Assistance Programs (EAP): These programs provide resources and support for employees dealing with personal or professional challenges, such as counseling services or referral programs.
  3. Safety and Wellness Programs: NOMAC may prioritize employee safety and well-being through programs designed to create a safe working environment and promote healthy lifestyles.
  4. Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives: The company may have initiatives in place to foster a diverse and inclusive work environment, which can lead to a more dynamic and innovative workplace.
  5. Social Responsibility and Community Involvement: NOMAC may engage in corporate social responsibility activities, providing opportunities for employees to contribute to meaningful community projects or charitable endeavors. NOMAC Jobs

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How to Apply for NOMAC Jobs?

Once you have found a job vacancy that suits your career plan, it’s time to apply. Make sure your CV/resume is updated, professional, positioned to sell your skills, strengths and achievements, and makes you stand out from the other candidates. Follow the steps described below the apply for NOMAC Jobs

  • Click on the “Apply Now link provided after each NOMAC jobtitle listed above [You will be redirected to the official NOMAC careers portal]
  • Read all the job details, education and experience, required skills, duties and responsibilities carefully
  • Click on the “Apply” button
  • Upload your resume/CV directly from your computer or Dropbox or Skydrive
  • Fill up your personal details such as Name, Email, Mobile No., Current Employer, Current Title, Country etc.
  • Click on Submit button send your NOMAC  Job Application Online.

Please note that if there have been significant developments or changes related to NOMAC after September 2021, I would not be apprehensive of them. For the rearmost and most accurate information, I recommend consulting NOMAC’s sanctioned website or other estimable sources.

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