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How to Find a Work in Latvia. Work Visa 2024, Types, Eligibility and Skill Shortage Jobs

Work in Latvia. Latvia is effectively welcoming universal abilities to fill its aptitude deficiencies, advertising a assortment of work visas custom-made to diverse proficient needs.

Usually a brilliant opportunity for work searchers around the world to use their aptitudes in a nation that values and rewards ability. With competitive pay rates and a developing request in divisions like IT, building, and healthcare, Latvia presents a interesting chance to advance your career in an environment that’s effectively looking for and increasing in value worldwide talent. Work in Latvia

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So, here’s an shrewd direct on exploring the Latvian work visa scene and tapping into the skill-shortage work showcase of Latvia in 2024. Work in Latvia

Understanding Latvia’s Work Visa Types in 2024

Work in Latvia. Latvia offers a range of work visas designed to cater to different professional needs and employment durations. Here’s an improved and fluent overview of the A, B, C, D, and Seasonal work visas:

1# A Visa (Highly Qualified Specialists):

  • Target Group: Individuals with exceptional skills important for Latvia’s economic growth.
  • Validity: Up to 3 years, with the possibility of extension.
  • Requirements: High academic qualifications, relevant work experience, and sponsorship from a Latvian employer. Work in Latvia

2# B Visa (Skilled Workers):

  • Target Group: Professionals with specific skills needed in the Latvian labor market.
  • Validity: Up to 1 year, extendable for another year.
  • Requirements: Professional qualifications, relevant work experience, and a Latvian employer’s sponsorship.

3# C Visa (Seasonal Workers):

  • Target Group: For temporary jobs in sectors like agriculture, tourism, and construction.
  • Validity: Up to 9 months within a 12-month period.
  • Requirements: An employment contract in Latvia, proof of sufficient financial resources, and health insurance. Work in Latvia

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4# D Visa (Intra-corporate Transferees):

  • Target Group: Employees of multinational companies moving to a branch or subsidiary in Latvia.
  • Validity: Up to 3 years, extendable.
  • Requirements: An employment contract with the Latvian branch, and proof of at least 1 year of employment with the parent company. Work in Latvia

5# Seasonal Work Visa:

  • Target Group: For specific seasonal roles, mainly in agriculture, forestry, and tourism.
  • Validity: Up to 9 months within 12 months. Work in Latvia
  • Requirements: Employment contract with a Latvian employer, adequate financial resources, and health insurance

How to Find a Work in Latvia. Work Visa 2024, Types, Eligibility and Skill Shortage Jobs

Here is the table to easily understand the Latvian work visa details:

Latvian Work VISA Types, Purpose, Validity, and Requirements

Visa Type Purpose Validity Requirements
A Highly qualified specialists Up to 3 years (extendable) High qualifications, experience, employer sponsorship
B Skilled workers Up to 2 years Professional qualifications, experience, employer sponsorship
C Seasonal workers Up to 9 months (within 12 months) Employment contract, finances, health insurance
D Intra-corporate transferees Up to 3 years (extendable) Employment contract, parent company employment
Seasonal Specific seasonal jobs Up to 9 months (within 12 months) Employment contract, finances, health insurance

Is there any Job Search VISA Available for Latvia in 2024?

Work in Latvia. Latvia doesn’t have a specific “Job Search Visa,” but there are a few alternatives for those looking to find employment in the country:

  • Visa-Free Entry for 90 Days: Citizens from countries with visa-free agreements can stay in Latvia for up to 90 days in any 180 days. This is a convenient option for job searching activities like attending interviews or networking. Work in Latvia
  • Business Visa (C-type): Suitable for up to 90 days of stay, this visa is ideal if you have scheduled meetings with potential employers, plan to attend job fairs or participate in industry-related events. An invitation from a Latvian company or organization is necessary. Work in Latvia
  • Long-term Residence Permit for Highly Qualified Specialists (A-type Visa): This is an option for individuals with exceptional skills and qualifications who are in high demand in Latvia. Obtaining this visa requires the support of a potential employer and proof of the significant value you can add to the Latvian market

Skill Shortage Occupations in Latvia in 2024

Work in Latvia. As per the reports of the Latvian state employment agency, Latvian ministry of economics, and the Latvian Employers Confederation following sectors are facing skill shortages:

  • ICT Professionals: Software developers, cybersecurity experts, and network engineers.
  • Engineers: Mechanical, electrical, and civil engineers.
  • Health Professionals: Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.
  • Business Professionals: Managers with expertise in finance, marketing, and logistics.

Medium-skilled occupations like lorry drivers, construction workers, and chefs are also in demand.

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Where to Find Jobs in Latvia in 2024?

You can search for above mentioned skill shortage jobs in Latvian on any of the following platforms:

Employer Involvement in the Latvian Work Visa Process

The employer’s role varies with the visa type:

  • A-type and C-type Work Permits: High employer involvement, with responsibilities including application submission and documentation provision.
  • D-type Work Permit: Lower involvement, with possible need for a letter of invitation.
  • Seasonal Work Permit: Moderate employer involvement, primarily for the invitation and registration of the work position. Work in Latvia

Work in Latvia. Latvia’s advancing work advertise and differing work visa options show a promising scene for gifted experts. Whereas exploring the application handle, it’s crucial to remain educated and utilize assets just like the Movement Office, the EU Blue Card entry, and work sheets viably. With the proper approach, Latvia can be more than a picturesque goal – it can be a flourishing proficient hub. Work in Latvia

Work in Latvia. CA_NEWLINE_CA Find a work Latvia can be very fulfilling, as there are numerous benefits to working in this European country. The foremost well known sectors are IT, back, and designing. With moo tax assessment and tall compensation, Latvia could be a put to migrate for work. The fetched of living is additionally very moo, making it simple to induce ahead and spare cash whereas living within the nation. Also, the foundation is continually being made strides with modern thruways and railroads being built all the time. Work in Latvia

Work in Latvia. Latvia too has an amazing instructive framework that gives extraordinary openings for career progression. In expansion to finding a work in their division of choice, specialists can take advantage of dialect courses or select in college programs at a few of the beat colleges in Europe. Besides, when it comes to office culture, Latvians lean toward a loose however proficient climate without as well much stretch or weight from bosses. All these benefits make Latvia a incredible choice for those who are looking for work abroad. Work in Latvia

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Benefits of find a work Latvia

Work in Latvia. So, you need to know how to discover a work in Latvia. Well, it’s not as troublesome as you might think. In truth, there are a number of ways to go approximately it.

One option is to check out the work postings on the web. There are a number of websites that list work openings in Latvia, and numerous of them are in English. You can too check with the Latvian international safe haven or office in your nation to see in case they know of any work openings. CA_NEWLINE_CA
Another alternative is to go to Latvia and seek for work there. This could be a bit more troublesome, but there are a number of work fairs and other occasions where you’ll be able potential employers.

Work in Latvia. Anything course you choose to requirefair be beyond any doubt to do your investigate and arrange ahead. It may take a small time and exertion, but you’ll inevitably discover the culminate work in Latvia.

I make a working contract in Latvia in 3-4 weeks. You pay when I appear a filtered archive of the first contract. From the client you would: scan of the primary of your passport and an address in English. Open a Latvian work visa or any other category D visa, I will legally provide you with a vacancy of your choice in any Schengen country. You’ll be vacancies on my website. The Latvian agency provides construction projects, factories, factories … The Latvian visa opens almost 100%. From the client: scanned copy of the primary of the passport and full resume.

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Latvia. Construction of cottages

Concrete workers -60 euro / m3
bricklayers — 40 EUR / m3
painter (drywall) — 6 euro / m2
gypsum plasterboards — 9 euro / m2
utility worker — 5 euros / hour
Housing 120 euros per month from salary
Salary once a month
Advance 200 euros every 2 weeks
Tools and special clothing are provided by the employer

Output of documents 25 days
What documents are required from the candidate:
— registration
-certificate from the place of work for the last 3 years (translation + certified) or labor with a record of work in this specialty (translation + certified)
— certificate of good conduct

Worker in a supermark

et in Riga 680 – 700 €

Work mainly in Riga.
Maxim supermarkets.
Simple work, mainly laying out goods in the hall, working in a warehouse at the store,
work in the culinary department and the like. That is, work in warmth and cleanliness.
Wages — 3.8 euros net per hour.
Working hours: day and night shifts. The number of hours per month is 180 — (this is the company’s policy, sometimes there may be overtime).
That is, for salary it turns out 680-700 euros net, but 180 hours is a comfortable amount for work and there will still be a lot of free time that you can use for your own purposes
Free housing. Payment of utilities in summer 30-35 euros, in winter 40-45 euros.
The employer will pay a monthly transport pass.
There may be men, women, married couples under the age of 55.
The work is not seasonal. Supermarkets are always open.
As an additional plus, we see access to discounts on goods and the absence of a language barrier.
We need workers for long-term contracts, but they will let them go on vacation. Registration on a working Latvian visa. Work in Latvia

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Warehouse workers needed in Latvia 1200€

Warehouse workers needed in Latvia. Work for handymen with non-food items. Responsibilities: — sorting of goods, — unpacking of goods, — packaging of goods, — Working hours from 08:30 to 17:30. Lunch 60 minutes. Requirements for candidates: — responsible, accurate candidate; — A candidate who performs quality work; — Knowledge of the Russian language is preferable; — preferably a candidate without bad habits; Payment: 1000 — 1200 euros (net) to the foreman at the construction site; Place of work — the city of Riga. Living expenses up to 200 euros/month including utilities. Work in Latvia

Work permit Latvia

Latvia, Riga is a professional educational institution

any candidate under the age of 45 can study, the country does not matter, the invitation will be ready up to 15 days, the price is 600 euros, prepayment with scanning is 200 euros, the remaining 400 euros when you see a scanned copy a ready-made invitation for you, + your expenses, the originals of your documents will be sent by DHL (100 euros). After 2-3 weeks, you can apply for a residence permit for one year, training 2 times a week for 4 hours, a lot of time to work, a lot of vacancies …
Acceptance of documents at the RIMAN Vocational School takes place all year round.
The candidate must speak either Russian or English. Work in Latvia
Today you need to pass an online exam, but if you make an invitation with us, your client will receive an invitation without an exam
Required documents:
— education document
— medical certificate 027 / y
— 4 photos (3х4)
— birth certificate or passport.
Certificate of no criminal record (certified by apostille)
— certificate from the bank that the candidate has 6,500 euros on the account

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Insurance of the european standard

Suitable for any visa, work, Schengen or tourist does not matter. Insures any person in the Schengen countries or the European Union. This insurance, along with other documents, must be submitted to the consulate or visa center to obtain a visa. This Latvian insurance company is fully accredited. We make insurance for 2-3 days. We send it electronically. Work in Latvia

Latvian student visas


Latvian student visas for citizens of near and far Asia (Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan …, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka …) a category D visa is opened with the right to work for 90 days with the prospect of obtaining a residence permit, and later permanent residence
we study as a cook, we study 2 times an agreement with the school is drawn up and the hotel package of documents for opening a visa is done in 3-5 days training in Russian, Latvian and English from the candidate a scan of the first page of the passport and a certificate from the school the price of documents for opening a visa is 400 euros.Information for partners and clients. Work in Latvia

If you flew to any of the Schengen or EU countries, your visa has expired or your visa does not allow you to work, and you want to live and work legally, drive a car, open a bank account, take a work permit, register, fly freely by plane or travel around the Schengen countries — write to me on WhatsApp and I will help with legal documents very quickly and efficiently. Work in Latvia

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