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Gulf Drilling International Jobs: GDI Qatar Careers

Gulf Drilling International Jobs. Gulf Drilling International( GDI) is a prominent drilling company grounded in the State of Qatar, positioned in the heart of the Arabian Gulf. Established with the vision of getting a leader in the drilling assiduity, GDI has constantly demonstrated its commitment to excellence and invention in the field of oil painting and gas disquisition and product.

innovated as a attachment of Gulf International Services( Civilians), a distinguished empire in the energy sector, GDI has fleetly evolved to come a foundation of Qatar’s burgeoning oil painting and gas assiduity. With a foundation embedded in a deep understanding of the region’s geological complications, the company has played a vital part in employing Qatar’s substantial hydrocarbon coffers. Gulf Drilling International Jobs

GDI Qatar Job Vacancies

GDI is a World Class Drilling Company and a market leader in Qatar that focuses on providing safe, efficient & cost effective Drilling, Liftboat and Jack-up Accommodation services. GDI Drilling Jobs

GDI has invested in infrastructures to support its drilling operations. For example, a central warehouse provides spares and consumables to the rigs, a sizable workshop keeps our repair and maintenance systems up to the OEM and industry standards, and a modern camp facility houses all the onshore crews. Gulf Drilling International Jobs.

GDI also has several cranes and articulated vehicles to assist with rig moves and four (5) water well units that provide services to drill water well for the drilling sites operations. Gulf Drilling International Jobs.

• Company/Organization: Gulf Drilling International (GDI)
• Job Location: Qatar

• Nationality: Any
• Qualification: Bachelor Degree/Diploma/High School
• Salary: Not Disclosed

List Of Gulf Drilling International Jobs

GDI boasts a state- of- the- art line of drilling equipages, each strictly designed and finagled to meet the strict demands of ultramodern coastal and onshore operations. These equipages are equipped with slice- edge technology, icing safety, effectiveness, and environmental responsibility. The company’s unvarying commitment to health, safety, and environmental norms has earned it a sterling character among its peers and stakeholders. Gulf Drilling International Jobs

One of GDI’s distinctive strengths lies in its platoon of largely professed and devoted professionals. From seasoned masterminds to complete technicians, each member of the GDI family is driven by a participated passion for excellence. This collaborative moxie enables the company to execute complex systems with perfection and trustability, anyhow of the challenges posed by the ever- evolving energy geography. Gulf Drilling International Jobs

Floorman (FLR) | Gulf Drilling International Ltd (Q.S.C) Qatar
Derrickman (DRK) | Gulf Drilling International Ltd (Q.S.C) Qatar
Driller – Amphion JU2000 | Gulf Drilling International Ltd (Q.S.C) Qatar
Rig Move Supervisor | Gulf Drilling International Ltd (Q.S.C) Qatar

GDI’s service portfolio encompasses a wide array of drilling and well- intervention services, acclimatized to meet the unique conditions of its different clientele. The company’s immolations include drilling of disquisition, development, and product wells, as well as workover operations aimed at enhancing well productivity. With a proven track record of successful design prosecution, GDI has constantly exceeded customer prospects, solidifying its position as a trusted mate in the assiduity. Gulf Drilling International Jobs

also, GDI’s operations extend beyond Qatar’s borders, with the company laboriously sharing in transnational drilling gambles. This global footmark underscores GDI’s ambition to influence its moxie and coffers on a broader scale, contributing not only to the success of its systems but also to the substance of the regions in which it operates. Gulf Drilling International Jobs

DSSA Camp Supervisor | Gulf Drilling International Ltd (Q.S.C) Qatar
Maintenance Supervisor (MS)- OFFSHORE | Gulf Drilling International Ltd (Q.S.C) Qatar
HSE Officer (HSEO) Offshore | Gulf Drilling International Ltd (Q.S.C) Qatar
Roustabout | Gulf Drilling International Ltd Qatar

Beyond its specialized prowess, GDI remains deeply committed to the principles of commercial social responsibility and sustainable development. The company laboriously engages with original communities, prioritizing enterprise that enhance education, healthcare, and environmental conservation. By aligning its growth with the well- being of the society and terrain in which it operates, GDI exemplifies a holistic approach to commercial citizenship. Gulf Drilling International Jobs

Rig Nurse / Clerk – Onshore | Gulf Drilling International Ltd Qatar
Mechanic (MEC) – Onshore | Gulf Drilling International Ltd (Q.S.C) Qatar
Chief Mechanic-Onshore | Gulf Drilling International Ltd (Q.S.C) Qatar

GDI was formed as a joint venture between Qatar Petroleum (QP), Qatar’s national oil corporation, and Japan Drilling Co., Ltd. (JDC). In July 2007, QP acquired 25% shares of JDC, raising its ownership in GDI to 70%. In February of 2008, all shares of QP were transferred to Gulf International Services, q.s.c. (GIS) which became a public shareholding company in May 2008 and is listed on the Doha Securities Market. Gulf Drilling International Qatar Careers. Gulf Drilling International Jobs

In conclusion, Gulf Drilling International stands as a lamp of excellence in the drilling assiduity, embodying the spirit of invention, integrity, and responsibility. With a heritage erected on a strong foundation of specialized moxie, functional excellence, and a loyal commitment to its stakeholders, GDI continues to shape the future of Qatar’s energy sector, contributing to the nation’s profitable substance and energy security. As the company navigates the challenges and openings of the dynamic energy geography, it remains poised to leave an unforgettable mark on the global drilling assiduity. Gulf Drilling International Jobs

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Rig Superintendent (RS)- Onshore | Gulf Drilling International Ltd (Q.S.C) Qatar
Driller – Offshore | Gulf Drilling International Ltd (Q.S.C) Qatar
Rig Nurse Onshore | Gulf Drilling International Qatar
GDI offering exciting Careers in Qatar for job seekers. Gulf Drilling International Limited (GDI) was established as the first onshore and offshore oil and gas drilling company in Qatar. Gulf Drilling International Jobs.
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Gulf Drilling International (GDI) Jobs. You have decided you’re ready for a Gulf Drilling International (GDI) career move or making the leap into the world of work, but how do you go about applying for a job? Applying for a new job can be daunting and it’s an important decision for your longer-term career. Here, we share some practical guidance on how you can apply for Gulf Drilling International (GDI) jobs in the right way, and how you can make the best job application to be hired.  Gulf Drilling International Jobs

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